Meet the Spring Well Breeds


Here at Spring Well Kennels, we produce a variety of different colour Bernedoodles including Tri, sable , black and phantom. Our main aim is to produce a happy, healthy family companion. We have bernedoodles living all over Europe and are happy toa ssist with exporting a puppy safely. 

Many of our Bernedoodle puppies are trained assistant dogs or are resident dogs at schools. We are really proud of the work our puppies are achieving in developing children's confidence and abilities . 

Many of our bernedoodles have instagram pages also.  


Cocker Spaniels

Here at spring well we have the show-type cocker spaniel.

We love the cocker spaniel for their intelligence and their loving temperment.

Our cocker spaniels make excellent family dogs , They aim to please and are fairly easy to train.

We have 2 cocker spaniel males - Wichyn and Prince both are available on stud


A firm family favourite; which Chlidren seem to love! Cockapoos are loved for their playful characters and for the less shedding of hair. Cockapoo are produced from an English Cocker Spaniel and our Petite Minature Poodles; we always try to get a great variety of interesting colours.

Bernese Mountain Dogs 

The Bernese mountain dog has been part of the Spring Well family for the last 14 years.

Their sweet, loyal and affectionate traits are a big part of what we as a family love about the breed.

All of our bernese have fantastic temperaments all in individual ways; from our lunatic Maisy to our calm reserved Blodwen but each loved for they’re loyalty especially to our little 3 year old daughter .

Frank, our Sire, is Hip and Elbow Scored - with Excellent Results! Many people have returned to buy more of our beautiful Bernese.